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Thank you for your participation in the MEET Event. 

From the presentation and discussion, here are several references: 

1. Books Biodesign and Bioart, published by MoMA and Thames & Hudson:

2. How Do We Rethink Public Space After the Pandemic? Start with Rolls of Tape, article by Justin Davidson for New York Magazine:

2.5 Guard from Above:

3. Living Bridges, in the Journal Nature:

4. Bosco Verticale:

5. Fab Tree Hab

6. Seagram Building

7. Pandemic Deaths in History

8. Human Microbiome Project

9. BioBE Center, Oregon

10. I Contain Multitudes by Ed Young

11. BioEconomy data from Rob Carlson

12. ZOA at MoMA

13. Resurrecting the Sublime:

14. Cobalt 60 Sauce

15. Dr. Zarins Eden Theory:

16. In Posse by Charlotte Jarvis:

17. Pan Fubin paints a 'Rembrandt'

18. Ross Godwin poetry projects:

19. Arts and Culture at Google (AI Experiments):

20. Degrees of Separation:

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Biodesign, MoMA, 2018
Presentation at MU Artspace 2018
Exhibition ReShape, 2019 at MU
Biodesign Exhibition @ RISD, 2018
Bioart book cover, Thames & Hudson
BIOART in the journal SCIENCE
TEDx Presentation: Groningen
ReShape, Exhibition Logo, MU
Matter of Life exhibition Eindhoven
Tate Modern, November 26, 2015
New York Times coverage January 2013
Wall Street Journal coverage
New Institute Biodesign exhibition
New Institute Biodesign exhibition
Cut Paste Grow book cover 2013
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