Thank you for your participation in the MEET Event April 29, 2020 online. 

From the presentation and discussion, here are several references: 

1. Books Biodesign and Bioart, published by MoMA and Thames & Hudson:

2. How Do We Rethink Public Space After the Pandemic? Start with Rolls of Tape, article by Justin Davidson for New York Magazine:

2.5 Guard from Above:

3. Living Bridges, in the Journal Nature:

4. Bosco Verticale:

5. Fab Tree Hab

6. Seagram Building

7. Pandemic Deaths in History

8. Human Microbiome Project

9. BioBE Center, Oregon

10. I Contain Multitudes by Ed Young

11. BioEconomy data from Rob Carlson

12. ZOA at MoMA

13. Resurrecting the Sublime:

14. Cobalt 60 Sauce

15. Dr. Zarins Eden Theory:

16. In Posse by Charlotte Jarvis:

17. Pan Fubin paints a 'Rembrandt'

18. Ross Godwin poetry projects:

19. Arts and Culture at Google (AI Experiments):

20. Degrees of Separation:

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