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Biodesign: Nature + Science + Creativity

(2012, revised editions 2018, 2022)

Published by The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in North America and Thames & Hudson worldwide. The 2022 edition is published in Chinese by CAFA and partners; a new edition in Portuguese is in development for 2025. The book profiles recent design and art projects that use living materials and span a wide range of applications from architecture to advertising to portraiture. These works introduce visionary strategies for improving the ecological performance of the objects and buildings around us, aesthetic possibilities enabled by new biotechnology and provocative experiments that illuminate both opportunities and dangers in manipulating life for human ends.


Foreword by Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator in the Department of Architecture and Design, MoMA. 


Featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, New York magazine, Smithsonian magazine, Architect’s Newspaper, Domus Magazine and various radio and online venues.

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Bio Art: Altered Realities (2015, 2016) 

Published by Thames & Hudson, London in 2015. This book profiles contemporary art that responds to the new, often invisible and dislocating realties revealed by the advance of the life sciences. As areas of study including biomedicine, ecology and synthetic biology rapidly develop our shared notions of identity, the definition of life and our relationship to the environment are shifting.


Hardcover: 256 pages

Illustrations: 400
Dimensions: 10.2 x 8.3 x 1 inches


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Cut/Paste/Grow (2014) 

Catalogue to accompany the exhibition at Proteus Gowanus in Brooklyn, New York in 2013. This publication was created in collaboration with curators Daniel Grushkin, Wythe Marshall, Karen Ingram, Grace Baxter, and Nurit Bar-Shai. It highlights 15 contempoary artists and designers working with biology in new ways, as a medium or subject for speculation about a future defined by emerging biotechnologies. 


Softcover: 60 pages

Illustrations: 75

Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 x .5 inches













Selected Articles (available on request): 

"Towards an Ergonomics of Emotions," contribution to Choreographing the Future, Studio DRIFT, published by Phaidon, 2022.

May Matriarchal Mayhem Manifest," contribution to Art's work in the Age of Biotechnology, exhibition Fall 2019

"As the Prophet Profits," Club Solo, Exhibition Merijn Bolink, 2019  

"Poems in Materials and Motion," Studio Drift Exhibition, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, September 28, 2018

"Biodesign: From Inspiration to Integration," RISD Exhibition, Spring 2018

"Green the Parking!" Contribution to Design with Life: Biotech Architecture and Resilient Cities, Actar, 2018

"Mutating Systems, Bodies, and Perspectives," for MU Artspace, exhibition ReShape, Fall 2018 

"Is Everything Actually Awesome?," for Science Gallery Dublin, Spring 2017

"Aeon Flux," for MU Artspace, exhibition Time Life, Fall 2017 

"Autonomous Vehicles, My Ass," unpublished Op-Ed, Fall 2016 

"Reducing Complexity in Design Research, Thinking, and Methodology," Fall, 2016 for Design Display, Wolfsburg

"The New Schlak: Our Collective Disenchantment," for Schlak, a work by Giuseppe Licari, including a book, sculptures, and photography, Summer 2016

"Do Bodies Matter?" for MU Artspace, exhibition Body of Matter, Fall 2015 

"In Search of Co-Species Productions," Matter Magazine, Material Connexion, Spring 2015

Book Review: Sweet & Salt – Water and The Dutch, Domus Magazine, February 15, 2013


"A Paean To the Phases of the Moon,”, October 16, 2012


“Design and Biology: A Unified Laboratory,” Domus Magazine, November 22, 2011


“Collaborations Welcome – Bacteria At Work,” Metropolis Magazine, November 15, 2011


“Growth Spurt,” Architect’s Newspaper, September 21, 2011


“What Will Be The Fate of the Livable Communities Act?” Next City Magazine, December 14, 2010
















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